Principal’s Desk

Morgan Zintec College strives to be a leading college of education in producing innovative and transformative educators for sustainable industrialization. Our core values or patriotism, that is, a strong sense of belonging, identity, responsibility and accountability. All members of staff are encouraged to have a sense of belonging and uphold the virtue of unhu/ubuntu where we expect everyone to be responsible, honest, just trustworthy, considerate and cultured.

Morgan Zintec College welcomes, nurtures and trains all qualifying people into effective primary school teachers regardless of their gender, physical, intellectual, social, emotional, linguistic background or any other characteristics one can think of. The college understands the value of this diversity, hence greater steps have been taken to ensure that all students’ needs are catered for.As Morgan family we encourage, cooperation, joint effort, solidarity, and fellowship as we are guided by equity hence we are a college of excellence.