The observation made was that   ECD  centres had sprouted in the community and that these centres were manned by staff who had no background knowledge in handling ECD issues. In response to that the college introduced an ECD short course with the prime purpose of equipping facilitators at ECD centres with skills to offer quality service.

Nature of Programme

  1. Theory of Early Childhood Development with major components of Psychological Foundations, Sociological Foundations and Historical and Philosophical Foundations.
  2. Professional Studies Syllabus ‘A’ including Methodology, Administrative and Management skills.
  3. Professional Studies Syllabus ‘B’ focusing on the development of knowledge, teaching skills, in specific learning areas of Maths – Science, Expressive Arts, Social Sciences and Language Arts as learning areas.
  4. Professional Studies Syllabus ‘C’ – Research Methods and Curriculum Depth Study (CDS)
  5.  Professional Studies Syllabus ‘D’ Contemporary issues i.e Health and Life Skills, NASS and ICT.
  6. Main subject – students choose one subject to specialize in for enrichment from the following; English, ChiShona, Social Studies, Religious and Moral Studies, Mathematics, Environmental Science, Music, Physical Education and Sport, Art and Design.
  7. Teaching Practice – Under the 3-3-3 model, students spend 3 terms practicing in primary schools

Learning areas on the ECD Programme

  • Heritage Social Studies
  • Physical Education and Mass Displays
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Indigenous Language
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Foreign Language
  • Administration of ECD centres
  • Professional Studies Syllabus A
  • Theory of Early Childhood Development

Duration of the course

The course runs for six months and then students sit for an examination and are awarded a certificate in Early Childhood Development.