ICT & Educational Supervision

Applications are invited from teachers who wish to enroll for a Diploma in ICT and Educational Supervision.
Your school can second at least five (5) teachers to a four-term block release Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Mentoring, and Supervision Diploma Course at Morgan Zintec College. The first block starts from 27 December 2021 to 07 January2022. Facilitators for this course are renowned ICT and Educational Supervision experts.

The mode of training teachers requires that the student teacher be attached to schools for a period of one year. At the schools they are mentored by mentors for the greater part of the year. It was observed that these mentors lacked supervisory and ICT skills.  The college then came up with an intervention in the form of a Diploma programme in Supervision and ICT. The programme runs for four school terms and at the end students sit for exams which lead to the award of the Diploma. Initially, the programme was offered in association with UNESCO but later UNESCO weaned the college off and the college managed to continue the programme   successfully because of its sustainability.

The idea behind the programme is to enable   mentors who host our student teachers on Teaching Practice to supervise the interns effectively relying on the expert power base gained from the diploma programme.

Courses on the programme

  • Supervision in Education;
  • Information and Communication Technology;
  • Counseling; and
  • Mentoring

The course will help teachers

  • manage computer labs
  • manage student activities in the labs,
  • troubleshoot
  • Online learning e.g. LMS such as Google classroom, Moodle classroom,
  • Sign Language,
  • interpret the primary school ICT/Computer syllabus,
  • Revised Curriculum issues e.g. VPA and Mass Display,
  • counsel students,
  • supervising teaching workforce,
  • Leadership and Financial Management accumulatively accrue within participants.

Fees per block:

Tuition: $10000-00 You can pay in three installments between now and 27 December 2021 and 07 January 2022.
For more information please contact us on:
Landline: 04770534